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What is HydroMassage?
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For Your Practice

HydroMassage is a New Revenue Generator
HydroMassage water massage often generates an additional $50,000-
$150,000 per year for a chiropractic practice.

“It brings in about $600 per day to our practice. This equates
to over $150,000 in extra revenue for my practice per year.”
--Damian Scelfo, DC - Winston Salem, NC
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HydroMassage Increases Patient Referrals
Chiropractors are seeing 2-5 new patient referrals
per month directly from HydroMassage water massage.

"Without a doubt, I receive 10 new patient referrals per month directly from the HydroMassage [AquaMED]."
--Mark Schmall, DC - Rock Island, IL
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HydroMassage Increases Patient Retention
HydroMassage water massage increases patient compliance;
often generating 1-2 more visits per patient.

"I would say that, on average, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] promotes 5 additional appointments per patient..."
--William Denman, DC, - Beaumont,Texas     Read More Here

HydroMassage is Massage Therapy...

HydroMassage provides a way to offer unattended massage, without having to employ a massage therapist.

"We chose to replace the multiple massage therapists in my office with HydroMassage [Aquamed] for numerous reasons."
--Rober Rashid, DC - Middelboro, MA     Read More Here















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For Your Patients

HydroMassage is Afordable
Your patients can have a form of massage for less
than $20 per treatment. Compared to hands-on-massage, HydroMassage is substantially more affordable.

HydroMassage is Comfortable
Your patients don't get undressed. They can enjoy the
water massage fully clothed and comfortable.

HydroMassage is Convenient
It takes just 10-15 minutes to get a HydroMassage
treatment. Your patients don't have to set aside a
large part of their day for the water massage.

HydroMassage is Entertaining
With the HydroMassage Touchscreen, your patients can
watch patient education videos and listen to music during
their water massage.

"For people in severe pain, we’re
able to put them on the AquaMED,
and it’s almost totally predictable
that they will drop 2 pain levels
during the first 15 minutes they’re
on the bed. "

-Bill Andrews, PT

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benefits of HydroMassage water massage

DISCLAIMER: HydroMassage systems have been used in a variety of medical settings since 1989, however JTL Enterprises / HydroMassage has not conducted peer-reviewed, clinical research validating the benefits of HydroMassage treatments that have been reported by doctors and their patients. Any results expressed in written or verbal testimonials represent the views and opinions of third parties, and have not been substantiated by JTL / HydroMassage.