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Dr. Damien Scelfo
Carolina Spinal Care

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Hydromassage Financial Testimonials

“In fact, it brings in about $500 per day to my practice. This equates to over $100,000
in extra revenue for my practice per year.”        
 --Damian Scelfo, DC Read More Here Watch Video Here

"My practice has really exploded. I’d estimate that HydroMassage® [AquaMED] is bringing
in between 25 and 35 new patients a month to my practice and that is without
any marketing.”      
 --Jeffrey Shirley, DC  Read More Here

“Without a doubt, I receive 10 new patient referrals per month directly from the
HydroMassage [AquaMED]. Each one of the new referrals is equivalent to $1500 per
referral to my clinic.”       
 --Mark Schmall, DC Read More Here

"They tell other people about it...referrals are fantastic."   --Charles Fontana, DC Watch video here Dr. Fontana Video Testimonial

"So, apart from making my office stand out, HydroMassage has
provided my office with a consistent new revenue stream from the very first day."
 --Stephen Herto , DC Read More Here

“I charge $50 cash for a 20-30 minute session on the HydroMassage [AquaMED]. My patients
never complain about the cost-they love this therapy!”
 --Larry Haberski, DC Read More Here

"It's busy all day long...I would say it probably paid for itself in the first 2 or 3 months, so it's been profit since."  
 --Jeffrey Kinnard, DC    

Watch Video Here Dr. Jeffrey Kinnard Video Testimonial

"I offer a Premium Package which among others, includes, spinal decompression treatments
and HydroMassage [AquaMED] therapy sessions for up to $7,000.”   
  --Craig Schisler, DC Read More Here

"The patient retention factor has been a tremendous benefit to my practice. Patients come in because they like the way it feels"  --Glen Thornton, DC

Watch video here Dr. Glen Thornton Video Testimonial

“I’m getting 10 visits per week that would not have shown up if it weren’t for the
HydroMassage [AquaMED]. Patients who were maybe coming once a week for therapy
are now coming three times per week!”        ['
  --Gordon Holden, PT Read More Here

“That translates to roughly $12,000 to 13,000 thousand per month in revenue
($140K-160K per year) just from the one machine. Thanks again!” 
--Glen Rosenberg, DC Read More Here

"The HydroMassage [AquaMED] helps to bring patients into my practice that may have
never considered chiropractic care. Each new patient the HydroMassage [AquaMED] brings
through the door is worth $1000 to my practice." 
--Randy Trice, DC Read More Here

"They refer family and friends for this service…
and many times they become patients too."   
--Tom Sievert, DC 
Watch video here
Dr. Tom Sievert Video Testimonial

"There is no doubt that my patients are more willing to follow through with their
treatment plans because of the HydroMassage [AquaMED]. I would say that, on average,
the HydroMassage [AquaMED] promotes 5 additional appointments per patient that would
not have continued if not for the bed."       
--William Denman, DC Read More Here

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Hydromassage Clinical Testimonials

“I recommend HydroMassage for patients who need to relax and reduce
pain, particularly if they have muscle spasms or tightness. The bed can help
those suffering from menstrual cramps since it is very effective in improving circulation
and relieving congestion of the blood and lymph systems.”    
--Julia Wray, DC Read More Here

Watch Video Here

“I am getting calls from patients of 10 years who love chiropractic to say that
they have slept well three nights in a row for the first time in years because
of the HydroMassage [AquaMED]!”    
--Anthony Bianchi, DC Read More Here

"The bed is ideal for relaxing and preparing patients for their adjustments,
so when a patient comes in, HydroMassage is typically their first stop."

--Mark Sakoda , DC Read More Here

“HydroMassage [AquaMED] has been a very important part of my migraine protocol. I
use the bed to relieve my patients’ tension and to try to break the neurological
pattern that causes these severe headaches. I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my
results because of the HydroMassage [AquaMED].”  

 --Craig Schisler, DC Read More Here

“This system is for people with pain. I use the bed for treating anything from
fibromyalgia to muscular skeletal pain. I am able to localize the treatment to
specific areas and adjust the speed, temperature and pressure for each individual
--Michael Taub, DC Read More Here

“The HydroMassage [AquaMED] is truly an effective means of promoting musculoskeletal
relaxation and increasing circulation…and my patients love it!” 

 --David Thomsen, DC Read More Here

"I’ve noticed that HydroMassage [AquaMED] is great for my patients with hip issues and
also for my pregnant patients with sciatica or back aches.”
 --Nick Mavrostomos, DC  Read More Here

“I have found that the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is the most powerful deep tissue massage
you can find. Hands down, the HydroMassage [AquaMED] is a ton better than an MT
because it adds heat, more power, it never gets tired and it can reach all of the major
muscle groups.”   
 --Curt Draeger, DC  Read More Here

“I use the HydroMassage [AquaMED] to help my patients release stress, relieve muscle soreness,
drain the lymphatic system, and unwind their muscles. I have found that putting a patient
on the bed before I adjust them, helps provide a more comfortable experience for them
AND it makes my job easier!”     
 --Larry Haberski, DC Read More Here


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Hydromassage Testimonials

“I’ve even had instances where someone will come to my practice, despite it being a
further distance from their home than another chiropractic office, just because we
have the bed.”   
--Mark Losagio, DC Read More Here

“The marketing kit that comes along with the HydroMassage [AquaMED] bed is the best
marketing kit I’ve seen with a piece of equipment I’ve purchased. I sell the included
multiple session punch cards as 5, 20 minute sessions for $140!”  
--Allen Bryan, PT   Read More Here

“My patients absolutely love this therapy; in fact, they will actually wait in line for
the HydroMassage [AquaMED]! I don’t know any other therapy that patients are
actually willing to wait for!”   
- --Robert Dale, DC Read More Here

“I also sell gift certificates for sessions on the bed. My patients purchase these to
give to friends and family members as a unique gift; this also helps to get potential
patients into my practice!”
 --Zia Khorrami, DC    Read More Here

“I wish I could have one of these at my house”. I hear this from my patients all the
time. No one ever says that about any therapy. That makes the HydroMassage [AquaMED]
a very unique modality!”  
--Jack Lynady, DC   Read More Here

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DISCLAIMER: HydroMassage systems have been used in a variety of medical settings since 1989, however JTL Enterprises / HydroMassage has not conducted peer-reviewed, clinical research validating the benefits of HydroMassage treatments that have been reported by doctors and their patients. Any results expressed in written or verbal testimonials represent the views and opinions of third parties, and have not been substantiated by JTL / HydroMassage.