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At HydroMassage, we believe that your purchase is simply the beginning of our relationship with you and your business. Therefore, we have dedicated this section of our website as a resource to answer any questions you may have as well as to help successfully promote your new HydroMassage.

Maintenance Tips

Technical Support

A short compilation of important maintenance tips to help keep your HydroMassage in optimum condition so your business can reach it's true potential, as well as some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Order Parts and Accessories

Order Parts and Accessories

Use the shopping cart to safely and securely order replacement parts and accessories for your HydroMassage bed.

MyHydro – HydroMassage’s Customer Marketing Forum and Downloads
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Click here to register for the MyHydroMassage section of our website, which consists of marketing support resources to help you successfully promote HydroMassage in your business.

Installation Resources (login required)
A step-by-step guiding you through the unpacking and installation of your HydroMassage bed.

Contact Us
Contact Us
Not finding what you need? Fill out this form and we will respond within the next business day. Or, call 800-699-1008 to speak with someone today.


International Headquarters
15395 Roosevelt Boulevard
Clearwater, Florida 33760 USA

727.536.5566 (Local)
800.699.1008 (Toll Free)
001.727.536.5566 (Intl)
727.536-6633 (Fax)

To see a list of our international
distributors or to inquire about becoming an international
distributer, email

HydroMassage International Distributors

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