Josh S., one of the top performing Snap Fitness Franchisees, discusses HydroMassage and the success he’s seeing in his clubs…Click the image below to watch the brief video.

But first, a little bit about Josh.

  • He was a 2011 Snap Fitness Franchisee of the Year
  • All 3 of his locations are ranked in the TOP 10 of Snap Fitness clubs
  • Each of his clubs has over 1600 members

Plus, read more reviews from HydroMassage customers below.

“In addition to helping with up-sells, it really does keep our members healthy, and our trainer’s even use it to help clients recover faster and reduce soreness after a hard workout. The way we look at it is – if it helps keeps members feeling good and injury free, then they’ll use the club more and be more likely to keep their membership.”
-Matt Midyett, Powerhouse Gym

“Even though we are making money with it, I can say that the best thing it’s done for us is help us stand out more, and given us another way to attract people and get them to join the YMCA. It’s a really great benefit for our members.”       – Kris Kaufman, YMCA

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