If you’re still not familiar with how HydroMassage works in fitness clubs, there’s a new two-page feature in the February issue of IHRSA’s Club Business International magazine which will help.

Mike Feeney (EVP of NeV), Cory Brightwell (co-owner of Chuze Fitness), Steve Strickland (CEO of Workout Anytime) and others all share why HydroMassage has become a key fixture in their clubs.

You’ll hear insight from these fitness executives about how HydroMassage 1) increases premium package sales, 2) maximizes member awareness, and 3) brings new people into the club.

For more information on HydroMassage, call 1-800-699-1008 or visit: https://www.hydromassage.com.

HydroMassage Marketing Team