One of the nicest parts about our business is hearing how HydroMassage has helped improve the lives (even if only temporarily) of people who suffer from chronic pain.

The exchange below can be found on the HydroMassage Facebook page:

Facebook Comment from Kim Salyer- Pettis-King:
“This is the best therapeutic treatment a person could EVER ask for!!!  I was first introduced to the HydroMassage Bed in August 2012 when my friend took me to a health salon and had me use the bed because my back was so bad I could barely get around (after numerous hours of physical therapy, miles of trying to walk when I can barely feel my legs, and no energy bc the pain is so intolerable I can’t even take a deep breath).

I got on the bed, my friend hit the controls on the screen (almost full speed head to toe)…heavenly bliss I tell ya… I was soo relaxed. The hot water waves (which I say hot water but its perfect temp) are running up and down my body head to toe and I am fully clothed and NOT getting wet… ITS AMAZING!!!  My recommendation : EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TRY IT AT LEAST ONCE!!!  You won’t regret it.”

Reply from HydroMassage:   Kim- Really glad to hear how much HydroMassage treatments have been able to help you.  Thank you for sharing!

Comment from Kim Salyer- Pettis-King:  No problem. When I find a good thing I like to share it with my friends and also brag about it.  This has by far been the best invention made for therapy in my book.
Cheers, Kudos, and whatever else they may say to the person or person(s) responsible for making this wonderful machine…I truly feel blessed when I am able to use one because otherwise I am just stuck either in my chair or my bed for the most part due to my pain…I do love the HydroMassage!!!!

We would like to thank everyone who has sent us similar thank-you notes.  We love reading them.

Hearing how our product helps people motivates us to work even harder to make sure many more people around the world get access to this technology.


The HydroMassage Facebook page can be found here

Paul Lunter
Founder & President, HydroMassage