Luxury Resort Have Recently Started to Include This New Amenity….

Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza Guests Love This New Amenity….

John Moradi Offers Advice to Other Hotel Owners about HydroMassage

Increase Your Hotel Property Revenue by Adding This One Amenity

Why Recovery Is Essential to Health Club Retention

Check out this great excerpt from IHRSA’s Jim Schmaltz on Recovery in Health Clubs today. “Adding extra wellness-based services to the core mission of health clubs has become more common, even for high-traffic facilities. This is partly to maintain a competitive edge, but it’s also a win/win strategy if it’s executed correctly. More services can create more value for the member, while adding significant non-dues revenue to the club’s bottom line.” Read more of this article here.

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HydroMassage in the YMCA

Don’t miss this article featuring HydroMassage in a Minneapolis YMCA. Here’s a little preview: “What is it? Think of this as a massage chair with an upgrade. Hydromassage uses pressurized water, like Jacuzzi jets, to give you a full-body massage — without the massage therapist. “Massage, in general, has so many benefits, and it can be experienced in the chair. It’s less invasive,” said Jennifer Menk, senior director of health and well-being at the downtown Y.” Read the rest of the article here.

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Hydromassage & Planet Fitness Announce Free Massages for Tax Week 2018

HydroMassage’s 1st Annual Golf Experience and Factory Tour

HydroMassage: Wellness Done Right

Exploring the Use of Water Massage Beds in Fitness Clubs Today

This informative article from IHRSA dives into the role that water massage beds are playing in the fitness industry.  More importantly, learn how some of the country’s most successful club owners and managers are implementing HydroMassage into their club strategy. “We make it part of our Peak membership in our Crunch franchise locations,” says Mike Feeney, Executive Vice President of New Evolution Ventures. “It’s been a great benefit for our low cost model clubs. Members are very surprised when they actually try it, and feel that it is a great value.” Read the whole article here.

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