HydroMassage: Wellness Done Right

Exploring the Use of Water Massage Beds in Fitness Clubs Today

This informative article from IHRSA dives into the role that water massage beds are playing in the fitness industry.  More importantly, learn how some of the country’s most successful club owners and managers are implementing HydroMassage into their club strategy. “We make it part of our Peak membership in our Crunch franchise locations,” says Mike Feeney, Executive Vice President of New Evolution Ventures. “It’s been a great benefit for our low cost model clubs. Members are very surprised when they actually try it, and feel that it is a great value.” Read the whole article here.

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HydroMassage User Review

When someone tries a HydroMassage Bed or Lounge for the first time, you’ll often hear them describe it as “amazing” or ask “how can I get one of these at home?” But this HydroMassage user review is one of the best (and funniest) we’ve seen. It’s safe to say this Planet Fitness member enjoyed his HydroMassage experience. And we’re guessing he’ll be back soon to use it again. Watch below to hear what he had to say: For more information on HydroMassage water massage Beds and Lounges, visit www.HydroMassage.com or call 1-727-536-5566  

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From IHRSA: Jumpstart Your Non-Dues Revenue with HydroMassage

What is a Trackless Water Massage Bed?

Fitness Veteran Dan Kennedy Joins Hydromassage as VP of Sales

Breakthrough HydroMassage Lounge Model Hits the Market

HydroMassage at IHRSA 2015

Fitness Article in February Issue of IHRSA Magazine

If you’re still not familiar with how HydroMassage works in fitness clubs, there’s a new two-page feature in the February issue of IHRSA’s Club Business International magazine which will help. Mike Feeney (EVP of NeV), Cory Brightwell (co-owner of Chuze Fitness), Steve Strickland (CEO of Workout Anytime) and others all share why HydroMassage has become a key fixture in their clubs. You’ll hear insight from these fitness executives about how HydroMassage 1) increases premium package sales, 2) maximizes member awareness, and 3) brings new people into the club. For more information on HydroMassage, call 1-800-699-1008 or visit: https://www.hydromassage.com. HydroMassage Marketing Team www.HydroMassage.com

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Charter Fitness Adds HydroMassage® Beds, Increases Membership Benefits