Joyce reached out to us recently to tell us of her experience with HydroMassage. Joyce’s story is pretty incredible and it brings us so much joy to share her words below:

My name is Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO, author and entrepreneur. I am a semi retired business woman and 76 years old. I want to tell you a story. Being an owner of a large company and also semi retired I know what testimonials can mean. Over seven years ago I had surgery in both my feet and chose to have this at the same time, for bunions and hammer toes. Since then I have had excruciating pain in both my feet, to put it bluntly the most severe Charlie Horses you could possibly imagine.

I have been to every doctor imaginable and even asked if nerves could be cut because the pain was so bad. I have not rested one single complete night without pain since the surgery. When these spasms hit me, I have to jump up out of bed and walk or massage. I have had all kinds of tests, from nerve, muscle, even the blood flow through my feet and legs. Some tests were very unpleasant.

My life has always included daily exercises, and I walk 4 – 6 miles a day. Go to the gym, but most recently I had not been going through the holidays. During that time the gym I go to totally updated and added this wonderful HydroMassage Chair. Yesterday, my husband Ken pushed me to go to the gym, so I went and was introduced to this chair before I got on the treadmill. Telling the manager how dreadful my feet had been for all these years, he set this machine to just cover my feet. I lay on the chair with my knees bent so I could get the full effect.

To further tell you my pain level, I have screamed in pain as my husband has tried to massage my feet for relief. Accupuncture also did not help, but one doctor gave me a daily exercise to do, without help. When I drove my car I would often have to stop and get out and walk. As I got older, the pain increased and in my right foot it would actually form a hard knot on the top of my foot when the spasms would start. My husband has rubbed my feet and legs for years “every” single night to try to help me. Muscle relaxants seem to help very little…but yesterday after I got out of this chair I knew something knew had happened to my feet. I felt different when I walked. When we got home I kept saying, “My feet feel different and I feel no signs of these cramps coming on.” When we sat in our recliner to watch TV last evening I actually twirled my feet while my husband, Ken, kept saying, “Honey, please don’t push it.” I just felt like a miracle had happened to me and the most exciting thing really had happened. I slept through the night last night without one single muscle spasm in my feet for over “SEVEN” years – yes, 7 years! I just want to thank you from my heart what this delightful, wonderful chair did for me personally and felt it was a story worth passing on to your corporate headquarters. I am also wondering if you have anything in mind for smaller designs just for feet??? I know many suffer also as I have, but my feet had gotten so extreme I had another appointment next week to see if possibly I could go to Mayo Clinic for help. Now instead I can cancel that appointment and feel I can go on long trips and have full nights of rest without this horrible, excruciating pain.

With kindest regards,

Joyce Osborn Wilson/CEO