How can HydroMassage help you? Sometimes the best information comes from people who have experienced the healing benefits themselves. Read Bud Chase’s story below.

My name is Bud and I would like to share my story of how the HydroMassage bed has helped me regain a sense of normalcy in my life. This bed has brought a small miracle into my life and has giving me pain relief which pain medicine couldn’t do.

I have lived with chronic back pain for over 15 years caused by bulging herniated discs along with sciatica down my right leg. I have excruciating pain 24 hours a day and do not sleep at night because of the pain. I have had four back surgeries and countless sessions of steroid and pain block injections. I even tried cervical decompression. I did physical therapy before and after each surgery. The relief has always been temporary lasting a few weeks at best. My last surgery resulted in disk fusion as the last step to relieve me of my pain. It did not. The final diagnoses was a cut nerve ending in my back causing the continued lower back and leg pain. Surgery was no longer an option! I continued my daily routine of icing my back and taking very hot baths several times each day as temporary method of pain relief.

In 2009 I heard of the HydroMassage bed being used by a doctor in North Carolina as a relief for back pain. I made an appointment and the relief I received after a fifteen minute session was unbelievable! For the first time in years I felt like I could run and jump and most of all be NORMAL! The relief lasted several hours.

I started investigating all the different types of massage beds and manufactures. My research showed the company with the most innovative software technology and product line was HydroMassage. Other companies were trying to duplicate their product line but their software could not compete. I started negotiating with HydroMassage and their staff was incredible. I purchased my bed in January and use it several times each day and night as needed. My life has changed for the BETTER.

If you live with extreme pain, cannot sleep and find it hard to function each day, please check out the HydroMassage bed as it may be the miracle you have been hoping and praying for too!!!

Bud Chase