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Heated Water Massage Beds From HydroMassage

HydroMassage Dry Water Massage Aqua Beds: Clients and patients of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, fitness centers, tanning salons, spa directors, and alternative medicine providers will enjoy the benefits provided by the Hydromassage water massage bed. Clients float upon a cushion of air while strategically-placed water massage jets produce a relaxing massage, using water, heat therapy and hydro massage. The aqua bed water massage is ideal for chiropractic, fitness and leisure facilities specializing in rehabilitation, health and wellness, pain management, arthritis relief, lymphatic drainage, stress management, stress reduction. HydroMassage water massage beds attends a number of tradeshows each month where people are welcome to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of HydroMassage water massage beds and massage for stress reduction.

HydroMassage is part of JTL Enterprises Inc. in Clearwater, Florida

DISCLAIMER: HydroMassage systems have been used in a variety of medical settings since 1989, however JTL Enterprises / HydroMassage has not conducted peer-reviewed, clinical research validating the benefits of HydroMassage treatments that have been reported by doctors and their patients. Any results expressed in written or verbal testimonials represent the views and opinions of third parties, and have not been substantiated by JTL / HydroMassage.