What Is HydroMassage?

HydroMassage provides the benefits of massage, without the inconvenience of getting undressed.
Using heated water, HydroMassage Beds and Lounges provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.
HydroMassage can be found in fitness centers, spas, hotels and medical offices.
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For Wellness & Recovery

Benefits of HydroMassage

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The Water Massage You Know and Love

Life is Better With a Daily Massage

Wellness and self-care are really important to me. HydroMassage is fantastic after a long day at work.

—Wellness and Self-Care Seeker

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Older man standing outside with a towel after a workout, getting muscle pain relief for back pain

I live with chronic back pain and bought plenty of gadgets over the years. I can’t tell you how good it feels to start the day with HydroMassage.

—Back Pain Battler

Yes, I still love going to a massage therapist once a month, but using HydroMassage at the gym every day is priceless.

—Massage Enthusiast

Mature woman standing outside in workout gear with a water bottle and towel, getting muscle soreness relief massage for pain
HydroMassage Home Massage Chair

How HydroMassage Works

Why Water?

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Want HydroMassage
for your home?

Financing is available to get HydroMassage relaxation in your home now with introductory pricing starting as low as $369/month*

*Based upon credit approval.
Only available to ship within the United States