HydroMassage Lounge 440X
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The Next Generation of Water Massage


After 30 years of innovation, we’ve developed our most comfortable, durable lounge yet: the HydroMassage Lounge 440X. New in 2019, this addition to our collection provides a smoother, more focused massage than previous models as well as upgraded features to maximize your experience. Let us introduce you.

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HydroMassage 30th Anniversary Edition

New Lounge Highlights

Sleek, Modern Exterior

With a premium Obsidian Black and Atomic Silver finish and fully customizable LED lighting, the Lounge 440X will complement any existing branding at your business.

Superior Massage

User satisfaction is the top priority with the new Lounge 440X. With 7" (18cm) more massage coverage and a smoother, more focused massage, the newest HydroMassage product does not disappoint.

HydroMassage Lounge 440X water massage
Intuitive Experience

Accessibility for on-screen features and entertainment options during the massage—including welcome screens—make the Lounge 440X our most immersive and intuitive experience yet.

HydroMassage blue touchscreen
HydroMassage Lounge 440X water massage
HydroMassage blue touchscreen
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  • Exterior Design
  • Performance and Innovation
  • Maintenance Improvements
  • Lounge Style
  • Touchscreen Control
  • HydroMassage Software
  • Technical Specifications
  • Customer Support
Exterior Design

Exterior Design

  • Premium Finish
    The Lounge 440X has a contemporary design, featuring smooth panel transitions and a sleek color scheme using Obsidian Black and Atomic Silver.
  • Clean Cover
    WipeClean Waterproof Massage Cover engineered for a tight, clean look with minimal collection points.
  • LED Lighting
    Contoured side panels illuminated with custom options for LED under-glow lighting are designed to fit your unique color scheme and brand identity.
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Performance and Innovation

Performance and Innovation

  • Massage Experience
    Engineered for maximum performance with a smoother, more-focused massage and 7” (18cm) more massage coverage.
  • User Comfort
    Ergonomic design maximizes user relaxation in the ideal seating position throughout the massage.
  • Less Water
    Redesigned to operate with only 14 gallons (53L) of water, compared to 20+ gallons (76L)in previous models.
  • Life Tested
    The frame and tank design has been life tested with a 300-pound (136kg) test dummy for more than one million massage cycles, simulating 50+ years of usage without any impact to structural integrity.
  • User Analytics
    New touchscreen reporting platform provides various analytical reports providing insight into usage data and massage setting preferences.
  • Smart Innovation
    A wide range of other mechanical improvements has increased performance and durability in the newest model.
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Maintenance Improvements

HydroMassage Lounge 440X water massage

Minimal Maintenance Required

  • Stays Clean
    Proprietary design keeps water clean in between annual maintenance.
  • Worry-Free Protection
    Water-safety containment system holds 100% of the water in the event of any minor drip or leak.
  • Technician-Friendly Design
    Ease of access during installation and minimal alignment required during service.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Proactive maintenance alerts sent to HydroMassage Tech Support including water temperature, water level, and pump-seal integrity.
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Lounge Style

Lounge Style

  • Open, Seated Design
    The Lounge model is engineered for those who want to relax, but don’t have the time or desire to lie down and close their eyes.
  • Smooth Wave Traveling Massage
    Jets move up and down the body with wave-like streams of heated water, giving the user control of where to concentrate the massage.
  • Water Through Air Technology
    The user rests comfortably above the water level, providing user stability and delivering maximum potential massage pressure.
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Touchscreen Control

Touchscreen Control

  • Complete Personalization
    Allowing real-time adjustment, the touchscreen is the most technologically advanced water-massage interface on the market.
  • Social Experience
    Users more commonly engage with the touchscreen, smartphone apps and others around them during the massage.
  • Multimedia Content Library
    Users may enhance their experience with relaxation videos, music, wellness articles, games, e-books and internet access.
  • Preset Massage Programs
    Users may create and save their own ideal massage or select from a range of pre-programmed massages.
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HydroMassage Software

HydroMassage Software

  • Staff Control
    Proprietary HydroMassage desktop software connects directly to your front desk, giving your staff full control over activating the units.
  • Member Management
    Your staff has the ability to set up individual user accounts with external timers, a token system and currency acceptors.
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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Tested and approved to UL/CSA/CE safety standards by ETL
  • Dimensions: 91” L (231cm) x 32” W (81 cm) x 43” H (117cm)
  • Weight: 285 lbs (130 kg) without water; 385 lbs (175kg) with 14 gals (53L) of distilled water
  • Waterproof/fluidproof user surface

External Cooling System (450X MODEL)

  • Dimensions: 33.5” L (85 cm) x 15” W (38 cm) x 10.5” H (27 cm)
  • Weight: 81 lbs (37 kg)
  • Electrical supplied by the HydroMassage unit
  • May be installed up to 25 feet away (in ceiling, basement or adjacent room that stays between 45-100 °F, or 7-38 °C)
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Customer Support

Support Center at HydroMassage

Customer Support

  • Remote Technical Support
    HydroMassage can access your unit remotely to help troubleshoot any issues or update software.
  • Self-Diagnostic
    Diagnostic tests alert you to any potential software or operational issues.
  • Resources
    Our customer support includes access to the MyHydroMassage online marketing support resources.


  • Tank and Frame
    3 Years
  • Replacement Parts
    2 Years
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