Over the past 5 years, HydroMassage has been very fortunate to have experienced a significant period of growth. Especially considering the difficult economic climate, I remain thankful every day that we’ve been able to hire more employees, help more customers build their businesses, and also to introduce HydroMassage to so many more people around the world in the process.

To support the new business, a natural progression occurs that every company experiences in similar growth situations. 24 years ago when we started the company in 1989, I could count the total number of employees at HydroMassage on one hand. As funny as it sounds, I can remember cutting and pasting to actually “assemble” our first print ad without the use of a computer.

Fast forward to today, we now have teams of skilled and talented people in every department. And while it’s always rewarding to see new people come on board to make our company stronger, I must say that a part of me misses being able to be as closely connected to every department as I once was. It’s been an awful long time since I’ve designed one of our ads or built one of our products by hand.

However, some things never change. No matter how large our company becomes in the years to come, I will never be able to imagine myself becoming detached from the Tech Support and Quality Control Departments. If any of our customers have a problem, I know about it.

I get several updates during the day and call me what you want, but even after 24 years in business, I still have difficulty sleeping if there are any technical issues that aren’t able to be resolved immediately over the phone. Additionally, in order for our company to be able to make better products…we absolutely have to have our finger on the pulse of all of our customers’ experiences.

My Quality Control Dept relies immensely on feedback from customers (and not just the good feedback about how HydroMassage has helped people). If there is a way to possibly improve the overall HydroMassage experience even slightly, we want to know about it.

We’ve built this business by waking up each morning (and many times in the middle of the night) thinking about how we could build a higher quality and more functional product. So, thank you to all of our customers who have shared their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about HydroMassage over the years. We would never be where we are today (or continue to grow as quickly as we have) without you.


Paul Lunter, President of HydroMassage
Paul Lunter, President of HydroMassage