We are innovative massage advocates, advancing the natural power of water to create a convenient, personalized massage experience, for people who want to feel the relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation that enables healthier bodies, minds and lives, every day.

Corporate Sustainability Efforts

Reduced Water Usage

Water is at the core of what we do, providing HydroMassage experiences for millions of users worldwide.

Each time a new generation HydroMassage model is designed and manufactured, our team of R&D engineers goes to great lengths to reduce water consumption.

Over the last fives years, new advances in technology have contributed to over 60% less water usage per unit:

  • Historically, all HydroMassage units required 30 gallons of distilled water to operate.
  • In 2015, the first generation HydroMassage Lounge model was introduced, requiring only 20 gallons of distilled water (33% water savings).
  • In 2019, the second generation HydroMassage Lounge model was introduced, requiring only 12 gallons of distilled water (additional 40% savings; 60% total savings).

In addition, the latest HydroMassage models also require little-to-no water added each quarter for maintenance, saving an extra 4-8 gallons each year, which drives the total water reduction efforts successfully above 60%.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our corporate headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida is equipped with energy-saving measures like oversized fans to cool the production facility more efficiently with less electrical usage.

HydroMassage manufacturing components are sourced 90% domestically in the US and 50%+ in the state of Florida which further helps to reduce the environmental impact of transporting raw materials over long distances.

The next phase of HydroMassage product development for our engineering team is currently centered around taking a similar approach with electrical consumption in each unit produced. Initial R&D estimates have yielded potential opportunities to reduce electrical usage by as much as 25%.

Our goal is to have this technology in place with the third generation HydroMassage Lounge model available in the coming years.

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