Guidelines to Disinfect HydroMassage

Wipe down HydroMassage Cover Sheet and Touchscreen surfaces after each massage, using an anti-bacterial disinfectant that meets the following criteria:

  • Neutral pH between 5 and 8
  • Does not contain any bleach or chlorine

Never use a disinfectant that falls under the following categories:

  • Phenolic based disinfectant
  • Highly acidic disinfectant (pH below 5)
  • Highly basic disinfectant (pH above 9)

When cleaning the Touchscreen, use a microfiber cloth or disinfectant wipe, and do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the Touchscreen.

The HydroMassage Cover Sheet is waterproof.  The disinfectant solution in place for other equipment in your business (gym wipes, cleaning spray, etc) likely also may be used for HydroMassage.


Guidelines to Restart HydroMassage After a Period of Inactivity

When restarting HydroMassage after more than two (2) weeks of inactivity, complete a full reboot and ensure initialization is completed (see user manual for proper reboot instructions by model type). If HydroMassage does not complete initialization, please note the error message and attempt another full reboot allowing 30 seconds before plugging back into electrical outlet.

Allow enough time for the unit to heat to normal operating temperature (minimum of 80°F/27°C) if unit was unplugged during inactivity.

If HydroMassage was inactive for more than six (6) weeks, please add a quarterly dose of Water Treatment Solution into the tank prior to use.

For any additional questions, contact the HydroMassage Customer Support department at 1-727-536-5566 option 1, or

User manuals are available on the HydroMassage website: